Water For Acne

Consume Less Sugar & Drink More Water


Watering down your eating habits doesn’t exactly mean to pour water directly onto the food and drinks that you consume (unless you’re adding more water to your cup of water).  What I am really referring to is changing up your eating habits a bit.  A really good start is to drink more water.  Water helps to clean your system and flush away any excess chemicals and toxins that the body doesn’t need.  Even though water doesn’t go directly to your acne to wash it away, water works from the inside to help prevent acne conditions from persisting and forming.

Drinking more water is key, but you also have to change up your eating habits as well.  As I’ve mentioned, I believe that sugar has been a factor in why the acne bug has followed me for so long.  So I decided to cut out the sweet, sugar-filled beverages such as sodas, juices, etc. and replace them with water.  In addition, I cut back on the sugar-loaded foods as well.  I figured … “What could it hurt to at least try it?”

I definitely saw the results and continue to do the same to this very day.  I have found that my skin is a lot less oily and have had a lot less acne blemishes since.  While it may not be the magic cure to acne, it has at least made a huge difference in the way I manage it.