Water For Acne

Consume Less Sugar & Drink More Water


One big thing that I can suggest for you is to always check the nutrition label of things that you think may be loaded with sugar.  Even check the labels of things that you may not think even contain sugar.  You may be surprised by what you see.

From my personal experience, I would suggest that drinking water is best.  It’s better than any alternative there is because it is so pure in nature.  And since water is pure, it helps to purify your body by flushing toxins and chemicals out of your body.  Limiting sugary foods has definitely made a difference in my life because my skin is a lot less oily and am bothered a lot less now by acne blemishes.

Since I am not a physician by any means, I would suggest consulting your doctor or dermatologist if you continue to experience acne breakouts or if your symptoms are a lot more serious.