Water For Acne

Consume Less Sugar & Drink More Water


Sugar isn’t exactly the cause of acne, but it can definitely play a major role in the occurrences of acne.  It appears that the over-production of hormones due to the consumption of too much sugar aids the acne breakout process.

As soon as you eat that big slice of cake loaded with sugary and creamy frosting, your blood sugar shoots up like the price of gas!  And in response, your body excretes hormones such as androgens and insulin.  Those hormones tell your body’s cells (mainly cells of the liver and muscles) to open up so that the blood sugar can enter.  Once those cells are full, the rest of the blood sugar is converted into fat and stored in fat cells.

As sugar is consumed, it causes blood sugar to spike (increase quickly) and is then metabolized (burned) quickly.  The more sugar you consume at one time, the more your blood sugar is going to rise.  The more your blood sugar rises, the more hormones your body excretes.  Your system is sent into overdrive trying to handle the hormones and blood fats.  This causes your skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more and more sebum (the oil which keeps your skin moist and pliable).

Consuming too much sugar all at once doesn’t directly aggravate your acne.  It’s just that when your liver is overwhelmed  with the extra hormones that acne can flare.  As you may already know, your liver is like your body’s filter … removing toxins, excess hormones, and other harmful substances from the body.

Unfortunately everyone’s liver is not as strong as others.  This would explain why some people never really have to bear the burden of dealing with acne.  Their strong liver is able to keep up with the amount of blood sugars and hormones that are produced.  While the rest of us have to manage our social life around acne breakouts.