Water For Acne

Consume Less Sugar & Drink More Water


Due to the fact that our body is made up of mainly of water, it would only make sense that we should add more of the same.  Think about this, almost everything that you eat and drink on a daily basis has some sort of chemicals in it.  The only thing that does not contain these chemicals is good, clean, plain-ole water.

Also consider this, your kidneys and liver act like a filter for your body.  When the body encounters some bad stuff, these organs try their best to filter it out.  Our liver (made up of over 90% water itself) uses water to metabolize (burn) fat into usable energy.  And an increased intake of clean water helps burn and shed excess fat … which results in more energy and less fat.

Since we can’t really help but to consume some of the undesirable chemicals in our food … water helps the liver to detoxify and flush the system because it has none of the harmful chemicals.  If our liver gets overwhelmed trying to filter our toxins, harmful chemicals, excess hormones, etc … it can’t keep the key factors involved in acne breakouts in check.

Therefore, I say yes … water definitely does help!