Water For Acne

Consume Less Sugar & Drink More Water


I know what you may be thinking … “How am I supposed to give up sugar? … it’s in EVERYTHING that I like!?”  Well I definitely know the feeling.  The way that I manage to get by is by using alternatives.

Instead of sweet tea, I drink unsweet tea that sweetened with Splenda or Sweet-n-Low.  Instead of the normal Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream … I get the Blue Bell Vanilla “No Sugar Added” ice cream.  I SERIOUSLY can not tell the difference and it contains a much smaller portion of sugar.  If you can’t really stand to drink plain-ole water (even though it’s probably best), they have the flavored water such as Dasani.

As for sodas … I’m not very sure about.  I know that they have products such as Coke Zero and Sprite Zero that claim to have no calories and no sugar, but I’m just not very sure if they have something like sugar (or any other chemicals) which may affect your body like sugar.  I do still drink these instead of the regular Coke and Sprite, but I limit myself and only drink them very seldom when I just have to have something carbonated.